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Other Ranks Poetry

Produced and promoted by 'Jazz in Hull'




Other Ranks is a 900-line poem by John Robinson with an original score by jazz musician Paul Taylor. Written for three voices and six musicians, it also includes songs. The subject is an unsentimental, non-nostalgic examination of the situation of the volunteer proletarian soldier not only in World War One but throughout history.

Other Ranks is a combined arts, multi-media production involving poetry, music, visual arts and dramatic performance. The text is uncompromising and hard-hitting. The musical content will consist partly of set-piece compositions which will punctuate the action, partly of electronic music and soundscape which will at times underscore the text, as will improvised interventions by the instrumentalists to form a rich synthesis of words, music and effects which will be original, engaging and will complement and enhance the ideas within the text.

- Soldier
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