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An excellent conclusion to Paul Taylor's brief stop over in Hull January 21 - 26 2017, with a gig at Hulljazz  celebrating 'Jazz in Hull: People & Places'. Peter Elsdon on piano, John Marley on bass with Alan Drever-Smith on drums, joined for a few numbers by Matthew Smith (sax), Gary Hammond (percussion) and the legend that is John 'Blind Lemon' Holborn (clarinet). Over the previous few days Paul had also performed a sellout gig with 'Swinging at the Cotton Club' at Hull Truck Theatre, and gained a respectable audience for a 'trombone poetry' evening at Ground Gallery with John Robinson, Phil Codd, Graham Beck, Rick Gammon and Dave Ellis. On Tuesday he led a boisterous jazz jam at Pave Cafe bar with Rob Law (keys), George Beastall (bass) and Alan Drever-Smith (drums).

​John Robinson writes: 'Great to have the opportunity to work on stage with Paul Taylor at last and to declaim the first 113 lines of Other Ranks with an improvised free jazz backing from Paul, Dave Ellis, Phil Codd and Graham Beck...Wow! Thanks to the Shellshocked Proletarian Orchestra...Double Wow!! A preview world premiere. Delighted to have Phil joining the Other Ranks team.

And to the audience for some fantastic and inspiring feedback, to fellow poet Rick Gammon, to Ground Gallery for an inspiring venue and to the inspired Hull City Council for supporting the event, to Auntie Mabel for knitting my vest, to..... Get well soon all those suffering from the flu bug which decimated our preparations.'

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Paul Taylor writes: 'An all-too-brief tour of Hull began at Hull Truck Theatre, where Harry Strutters Hot Rhythm Orchestra performed the Swinging At The Cotton Club show to a packed house.

A couple of days later, trombone poetry teamed up with John Robinson, experimental songster Graham Graham Beck, Philip Codd with his looped Hull speech samples, and ribald poet Rick Gammon, for an evening of readings and noisings – Groundswell – at Ground Gallery in Beverley Road. John Robinson, the poet who created the Other Ranks project, experimented with improvised backings, for an excerpt of Other Ranks, from Beck and Codd, this trombone, and Dave Ellis on bass. That project will be presented later this year in Hull, and comprises a performance of John’s poem about volunteer proletarian soldiers in the First World War, with original music by this trombonist.

After presiding at the Pave Bar Jazz Jam the next day, this trombone returned to the Hull Jazz fold, for a performance at The Goodfellowship Inn of an original suite, Jazz in Hull: People & Places, dedicated to the memory of Ken Ford, founder of Hull Jazz, and inspired by the many musicians who were guilty of encouraging a young trombonist to try to play jazz.

Peter Elsdon was at the piano, with Alan Drever-Smith on drums, and a fine job they did, in the unfortunate absence of bassist Lisa Featherston, who was taken ill earlier that day. Sitting in were Matt Smith on tenor sax, and Gary “Hut People” Hammond on percussion.

This gig resulted in a booking at Hull Jazz Festival on July 14th.

Extract from 'Trombonicle 10' blog  March 2017.

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