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A limited edition pressing of the Other Ranks script with recorded music and selected readings is now available in combined book and CD form.

The words are spoken by the author, John Robinson together with  Jim Higo, and Mickey Higgins who also performs the songs. Original music by Paul Taylor is performed by the composer on trombone with Martin Jones - trumpet, Matthew Smith - alto saxophone, Paul Sharpless - bass trombone, and Alan Drever-Smith - percussion.

Soundscapes by Phil Codd & design by Brian Tozer.

Recorded at Fairview Studios, Willerby, East Yorkshire, printed by McRay Press, Scarborough. January 2020. Recording Engineer: John Spence.

Produced by Dave Ellis.


Book & CD together £10 (not currently available separately) + £2.60 pp in UK. ISBN 970-0-9564334-7-3

For ordering details go to the Contact page and submit an email.

Buy a Kindle version of the Other Ranks script on Amazon for £4.99 or listen to the tunes and purchase music tracks on:

Further poetry collections by John Robinson:

Other Ranks author John Robinson announces the availability of his two most recent limited edition, signed pamphlets: 'A Ring of Islands'(2021) and 'Currently Faraday St' (2022). They contain 26 and 36 poems respectively, reflect John's latest writing and are very moderately priced.









These must-read works are £3.50 (p&p £1.90) each and both can be purchased together for £5.50 (p&p £1.90) and will be signed by the author. Act fast by accessing the Other Ranks contacts page as stocks are limited.

'Currently Faraday St' is an innovative and affectionate appraisal of East Hull and its people by a former West Hull resident(truly) plus some other fascinating stuff. It is described by renowned Hull poet Andy Fletcher as'experimental and risk-taking (with) lots of humour  and surprises.'

A Ring of Islands' contains poems written whilst travelling the Aegean islands of Greece and is sometimes lyrical, sometimes philosophical and sometimes provoked by the odd small glass of ouzo. The work is said by Naxos luminary Manolis Katsoulis to be 'poly kala malaka'.                                Very few first edition copies left!

John Rob faraday st.jpg
John Rob Ring of islands 2 .jpg

"the cook's wedding" Ragged Raven Press 2001   ISBN 0 9520807 8 8    £6.99

"Supper at Ocean Villas" McRay Solo Press  2014  ISBN 9 780956 443482       £6.99

Other Ranks composer Paul Taylor has recently launched Redriff Press to present his own writings, initially in Kindle form only. The first two titles are "Better Late Than Sorry" and "Beetles" both published in 2020 at £4.99.


CDs produced by Paul Taylor

"Speech: trombone poetry" Words & Music by Paul Taylor   Blowpipes TP01

WARNING: may contain poetry!

"Zenoria" The Blowpipes.  Original compositions and arrangements by Paul Taylor for trombone trio

BPCD01 CD purchases:                          

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